FREE shipping with all orders $75+

FREE shipping with all orders $75+


Organic essential oils and premium aromatherapy products that create dignified employment for survivors of sexual exploitation around the world.
Your wellness, their justice.

Divine Dreams Blend

“Honestly, I can’t go to sleep now without your Divine Dreams blend.”

Melissa, TX
Organic Sonia's Shield

“My favorite organic essential oils are Sonia's Shield, Eucalyptus, and Open Airways. I have a lot of seasonal allergies, and these work wonders for clearing up my stuffy nose. Plus they make the house smell wonderful!”

Sally, TX
Starter Kit: Blends

“This starter kit has saved my life! I am an avid user of essential oils in my home and at my office!”

Rebecca, CA
Savhera Essential Oils

“I have used almost all of your essential oils and they are nothing short of amazing.”

Courtney, MD
Meditation Book

“Diffusing Dignity is the book I turn to every morning to ground myself, and it connects me to the community that Savhera has created. It is inspiring.”

Hannah, TX
Organic Secret Zest

“You have a beautiful, global mission and your products are high-quality! My favorites are Secret Zest and Sonia’s Shield!”

Caroline, MN
Savhera Essential Oils

“Great quality oils and helping people as well. A perfect combination. Will order again! Thank you!”

Charlotte, TX

“A good life is about purpose, and the purpose of Savhera is second to none.”

Deb, WI

“I love that you are disrupting an industry and changing lives at the same time.”


“I love that you celebrate and empower those who were once captive, and that the oils are organic!”

Savhera Essential Oils

“I love how you combined seeking justice for all + the comfort that essential oils bring!”

Savhera Essential Oils

“I love that y’all send a handwritten letter! It makes it so personal!”



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