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FREE shipping with all orders $75+



We take quality and transparency seriously. From planting the seeds to delivering the product to your door, we aim to exceed your expectations. Here’s how we do it!


Our commitment to environmental stewardship is what drives us to sell only organic essential oils. The soil in which the crops for your oils are grown is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This not only enhances the quality of the crops (and hence your oils), but also prevents against groundwater pollution, soil friability, and destruction of micro-organisms.


After the plants are grown and harvested, the active botanical constituents from the plant are extracted. Extraction methods vary based on the type of the plant. Cold press is used for citrus fruit peels because the peel must be pierced and squeezed. Steam distillation is used for most other plants. This process turns the plant material into vaporized water with oils, then separates the water from the essential oils. Nothing is added to our natural essential oils after they are extracted. Just all-natural aromatic goodness!


To ensure the purity of the oils, we test each batch several times. Prior to purchasing from a supplier, we obtain a batch sample and send it to an independent lab for GC/MS testing. We compare these GC/MS results with those provided to us by the supplier, and we work only with suppliers that do third-party GC/MS testing of their oils. Finally, we spot check with organoleptic (five senses) testing.


All of this testing provides ample opportunity to catch a batch of oil that contains synthetics, contaminants, adulterants, or diluents. If any of these are found, the batch is outright rejected. Only when we are confident in the purity and authenticity of our oils are they approved for bottling. And we make the test results available to you online so you can be confident in what was approved and why!


The bottling process is equally rigorous. The individual bottles are sanitized to ensure that dust and debris particles are cleared away. Our cobalt blue glass bottles protect the essential oils from photo damage and ultimately extend the shelf life. Our glass bottles are eco-friendly for ease of recycling and ensure that the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles do not impact the integrity of the essential oil.


Now that you can be confident in the quality of your Savhera essential oils, we want you to be delighted as you receive them. From the environmentally friendly nature of our packaging materials, to quick turnaround, to adding a personalized note to each package, it’s important to us that you experience what we get to every day: a new beginning in every bottle, for you and for her!