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Simple Rosemary Recipes You’ll Love

February 19, 2020

All month we’ve been raving about the superpowers of rosemary oil due to its strength and versatility.  Scientists believe that diets high in this single herb contribute to longevity and vitality.  How much more could rosemary essential oil—the most highly concentrated essence of the plant—do the same thing?  Don’t you want a piece of that? […]

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A Special Species

February 13, 2020

Do you remember taxonomic rank from high school biology?  No? Okay, that makes you normal, but let’s jog your memory!  I’m sure you used some type of mnemonic device to remember all of the animal classifications when it came to test day. Mine was: King Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti (kingdom, phylum, class, order, […]

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Falling in love with rosemary

February 4, 2020

February is the month of love, and we couldn’t think of a better essential oil to highlight this entire month than rosemary.  We know, it may seem like an odd one, but rosemary’s power and dynamism is a reminder to us of the love we receive from our planet earth.   The use of rosemary for […]

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Testing, testing 1,2,3 ….

January 29, 2020

Just like everything in nature, essential oils are chemicals.  As we discussed in last week’s blog post, the chemical composition of every single batch of essential oil is different from the next due to all of the factors that impact the growth of the plant–weather, soil, harvest, etc.  One batch of lavender will have a […]

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The “grounding” of essential oils

January 22, 2020

How often do you open a bottle of essential oil, enjoy it in all its splendor, but never think about all that went into making it for you?  If you’re like us, it’s probably most of the time–or even all the time. It’s like our food. We go to the grocery store, pick up what […]

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January 15, 2020

“A Sufi holy man was asked what forgiveness is. He replied: ‘It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.’” Unknown People wrong us all the time. It is a fact of life that we will be hurt by others. We have a choice in this hurt. We can hold onto anger, resentment, […]