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Why Choose Diffusers over Candles?

March 29, 2021

Whether you want the house to smell great or you’re trying to wind down, there’s a big difference between candles and diffusers. While we love a good candle, there are real benefits that diffusers provide and candles don’t. Let’s take a look: 

The Benefits of Diffusing Oils vs. Burning Candles 

  • Candles Present a Fire Hazard. Candles require an open flame and need a cleared, safe space to burn. A burning candle poses a risk if you run an errand, or if you have pets or children. In contrast, diffusers can be tucked away in any discreet corner without risk. You can leave the house worry-free while a diffuser is running, and the worst a pet or child can do is a little water damage! Even after a candle has been put out, there’s still the risk of burns by hot wax. 
  • Many Popular Candles Contain Toxic Chemicals: While some candles are made with safe, all-natural ingredients, many are not. Many popular candle brands contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other serious health issues. While using 100% organic essential oils, you don’t have to worry if that nice smell that you’re breathing in contains toxic chemicals such as paraffin, lead, benzene, and toluene. Medical studies now reveal that benzene and toluene are carcinogens. Organic essential oils smell great and help you feel great too! 
  • A Diffuser Saves You Money in the Long Run: While a nice diffuser might seem more expensive than a candle, it’s an investment that you can keep enjoying for years to come. Most candles last for an average of 10-40 hours or much less. But a diffuser that is properly cared for can be enjoyed every day for years! 
  • Diffusers Are Better for the Planet: Even though there are fun ways to upcycle candle jars, you’re going to have to replace candles far more frequently than diffusers. You’ll need to replace a candle every 7-60 hours of burn time. Even for large, quality candles that are trimmed properly, this means that if you burn your candle for 1 hour a day, it will be gone in two months. And a smaller candle will be gone much quicker. A diffuser can be used all day, every day for years! Diffusers reduce waste while giving amazing therapeutic and wellness benefits! 

These are just a few of the reasons why we prefer diffusers over candles. If you’re looking for a health-friendly, worry-free, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to candles, check out our elegant stone diffuser. Wellness for you and your home is our promise to you. And when you shop Savhera, you empower women who have survived sex trafficking and are now on their own wellness journeys!