How To Use Essential Oils in the Shower

How To Use Essential Oils in the Shower

Showering and bathing have been linked to an increase in mental health. And while showering might seem like a part of your routine that you don’t think much about, it’s an easy way to incorporate self-care into your schedule. Essential oils are a simple way to make your shower a spa-like experience. Besides the positive psychological benefits, essential oils can be used for skin, hair, and more! 

Imagine if you incorporated a healing, luxurious experience into your daily routine? We could all use some anxiety-reducing rituals! 

Here are some easy ways to enhance your shower with essential oils: 

  • Body Scrub – Add a few drops of essential oil to your body scrub. Or make your own all-natural exfoliator by adding a few drops of essential oil to leftover coffee grounds! 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner – Add a few drops of essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner at the time of washing. If you have dandruff or an itchy scalp, tea tree oil is your friend! 
  • Tea Ball – Fill a tea ball half full with Epsom salt and add a few drops of essential oil. Hang the tea ball from your shower caddy or from your shower head (just make sure it’s not in a direct stream of water). As your shower warms up, the steam will release the essential oil aromas. 
  • Steam Cup – Fill a cup with warm water and 6-8 drops of essential oil. Place in your shower caddy or on the side of your tub inside the shower curtain. The steam will help the aromas start to circulate. 
  • Washcloth – Add a few drops of essential oil to your washcloth and hang it inside your shower. The fabric will act as a diffuser as your shower warms up. 
  • Diffuser – You can enjoy aromatherapy in the shower by simply setting up your electric diffuser on your bathroom counter while you shower. Just make sure to keep the diffuser away from water or you run the risk of electric shock. If you’re concerned about electric shock, or you want to take your shower spa to the next level, try our ceramic oil burner. This handcrafted diffuser uses a tea candle to warm the oil and release aromas. Nothing like showering by candlelight to de-stress! 

Which Essential Oils to Use in Your Shower 

Choosing essential oils for your shower depends not just on your skincare needs but also on what you hope to achieve with your shower. If you’re showing in the morning before work, you’ll want to use essential oils that help boost energy levels. If you’re winding down with a warm shower before bed, do yourself a favor by using essential oils that promote sleep and relaxation. 

Essential oils to energize 

Essential oils to wind down 

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