Is Organic Better?

two farmers care for organic plants in a greenhouse

As you shop for the best products, you might be wondering if organic really is better. 

It’s a great question, and you’re not alone in wondering how your money is best spent when it comes to organic vs. non-organic products. 

When it comes to buying organic products, you definitely want to make sure companies are transparent. Check for certifications you trust, and make sure companies are backing up their claims to be organic with concrete evidence. 

Below are a few reasons why we love buying organic – and why we sell only USDA-certified organic essential oils: 

  • Buying organic promotes health and wellness for you and your loved ones. With organic certifications, you can ensure that the chemicals and pesticides you want to avoid are being kept out of your home! Organic products often contain more natural wellness benefits than their non-organic counterparts. For example, when it comes to essential oils, many people believe that pure organic oils have more concentrated aromatherapy benefits than non-organic ones! Besides being free from harmful toxins, organic products are also GMO-free! 

  • Buying organic combats climate change. Organic farming helps build planet-healthy soil to fight against climate change. In non-organic agriculture, microorganisms that benefit our planet can be destroyed and ecosystems damaged. When carried out responsibly, organic farming practices can help conserve water, reduce pollution, decrease soil erosion, promote soil health, and use less energy overall. Organic farming cuts down on the use of synthetic pesticides that can be harmful to people and animal populations that live near the farms. 

  • Buying organic protects clean water. Organic farming helps keep oceans, rivers, and lakes clean – helping ensure that water supplies promote wellness for the people and animals that rely on them. 

  • Buying organic promotes biodiversity. Organic agriculture helps balance ecosystems by respecting natural habitats and seeing the value of all living things. 

We decided to make organic essential oils affordable and accessible because we really are all about wellness for people and the planet!
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