Human Development Model

Savhera has a unique mission: to deliver quality essential oils to values-driven consumers while providing dignified employment to sex trafficking survivors.

These survivors–our employees–have endured severe trauma over the course of their lives.  They were robbed of their childhoods, never having been given the opportunity to go to school, play, or develop in various aspects of life that so many of us take for granted.

That’s why we have a full-time Human Development Manager on staff who oversees the growth and development of every single employee.  This staff person–a licensed social worker and counselor with extensive experience working with sex trafficking survivors–monitors and evaluates our employees using Savhera’s very own human development model called PIES.  We regularly assess the [P]hysical, [I]ntellectual, [E]conomic, and [S]piritual health of our employees, and we work every day on various skills designed to realize their continued human flourishing.