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Inner Healing

The spiritual module is about mental and emotional health and wellness. Our employees have lived under conditions of threat, insecurity, and trauma most of their lives. This has caused them to operate in fight, flight, or freeze mode, with no freedom to focus on themselves and the bigger questions of life. This is why, upon first working at Savhera, they are given three months to work the PIES model and focus on themselves and their own growth, development, and healing, without the pressures of learning about production.

The first step is inner healing. Some of our employees were sold by family members, some have been in the brothels since they were children, some were forced into marriage as young teens, most have endured domestic violence and abandonment by a former spouse, and all of them have been raped and sexually exploited by thousands of men throughout their lives in the brothel. For most of their lives, they have known nothing but abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They need time to heal these deep emotional wounds.

Savhera gives them that time. They can talk about their experiences with the human development manager as much or as little as they would like. The most important thing is to create an environment at Savhera where they feel safe to heal, to share, and to just be.

Part of this journey is teaching our employees about mindfulness, meditation, and intentionality. Savhera’s book of meditations, Diffusing Dignity, contains 30 meditations based on the company’s values, and the employees are guided in these short meditations daily. Together, they reflect on the questions, which are designed to prompt awareness that leads to inner healing.