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FREE shipping with all orders $75+


3 Rs Level

Our production team members have been denied access to formal education their entire lives. They have never been given the opportunity to go to school, learn, and pursue their intellectual curiosities. When they first come to work at Savhera, they are unable to read or write; in fact, many of them have never picked up a writing utensil in their lives.

We start with the micro level, teaching them basic literacy skills in Hindi using an adult literacy curriculum. The rate at which they pick up reading is remarkable. Our employees are hungry for the opportunity to learn. They are amazed that they are now able to read street signs and store signs! They finally feel like they can participate in society. Literacy truly empowers.

They also begin to learn English vocabulary, as well as basic math skills including counting, addition, and subtraction. This helps significantly with the economic PIES module as it facilitates their ability to conceptualize and manage a personal budget.