Self Transcendence

The process of inner healing and self-knowledge is never 100% realized. Think about the process of healing as water in a cup, where the water represents emotional health and the cup is time. In the early healing stages, the cup is small. There are moments the cup is full but the cup is so small and the quantity of water so little that a small bump can leave the cup empty and dry. But as time passes the cup grows up. It gets bigger and can hold more and more water. Although the amount of water in the cup still vacillates, a bump no longer leaves it empty or dry because it holds more water. Time doesn’t mean that emotional healing is 100% all the time, but it does mean that there is greater inner fullness and life’s bumps are less likely to lead to emptiness.

This leads our employees to the mezzo level of the spiritual PIES module, to a place where their cup is big enough and full enough to allow them to no longer dwell exclusively on their own emotional health and wellness. They are in a position to shift their focus outward, on the emotional needs of those around them. They have the capacity to handle their own life challenges as well as carry those of others.