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The Savhera

A narrative of new beginnings

As with most good stories, Savhera’s story contains plot twists, pitfalls, and purpose.
It involves emotional swings from sorrow to joy, tears to laughter, and everything in between.
But fundamentally, it is a story of human connection and the quest for dignity.


  • 2017

    A demand for dignified employment

    In June 2017, Dr. Vanessa Bouche and five of her TCU students sat on the floor of the medical clinic on GB Road, the heart of Delhi’s red light district. She was leading her third study abroad in Delhi on transnational human trafficking...

  • 2018

    Savhera is born

    By January 2018, it had become clear that dignified employment for survivors of sex trafficking was still just a dream for women exploited on GB Road. There was no social enterprise providing vocational training or job skills--let alone jobs themselves--to these women who so desperately needed them...

  • 2019

    Moving forward with Pushpa

    Despite all the gains that had been made, there was still one gaping hole in Savhera’s story. Pushpa--the bold women who demanded a dignified life--had not been found. Savhera was moving ahead without the very person whose words spoke it into existence...


A new beginning in every bottle

This story would not be complete without you! Because of you, we are a thriving and growing company creating new beginnings every day. Together, we reject exploitation and embrace dignity daily as we diffuse it together! Today, there’s a new beginning in every bottle--for you and for her!