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FREE shipping with all orders $75+

Our Values

Dignity. Integrity. Excellence

Our values are so central to Savhera’s operations that our employees literally reflect on them daily with our book, Diffusing Dignity: A collection of meditations.


Dignity means “the state of being worthy.” We believe everyone has dignity. Everyone is worthy of honor and respect by virtue of being equal in our humanity.


Integrity literally means “wholeness” or “integration.” Integrity is what keeps us accountable to doing what we say and practicing what we preach. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.


Excellence means “rising up.” Savhera is continually “rising up”. Whether it’s our employees rising up from their past life, or our constant quest to improve and innovate, at Savhera we rise up.

Reflect with us

Diffusing Dignity

Check out our beautiful book of meditations, which was inspired by these core values.