The Savhera Story

“I need dignified employment to get me out of this dirty business!”

This piercing proclamation, made by a courageous woman trapped in the exploitation of the commercial sex trade, cut through the hot, stale air of the cramped meeting room in the brothel district of Old Delhi, and landed like a thunderclap on the heart of Dr. Vanessa Bouché.

Dr. Bouché, a professor and global human trafficking scholar, had for years researched the issue of commercial sexual exploitation, advised government and NGO leaders, and interacted with victims and survivors.  But she had never been challenged as directly and as boldly as this—for something as fundamental as a decent job, any job, that doesn’t traumatically exploit a person every hour of every day.

“Why should I share my story with you? Time and again people like you come to record our stories for your own benefit while our situation remains the same. You are exploiting us for our stories!”

There was only one response to this convicting plea: a personal commitment to find this woman dignified employment.  With a hug and a firm commitment, Dr. Bouché parted ways with this woman saying, “I will help find you a job.”

After six months of searching for something–anything–Dr. Bouché came up dry.  There was only one way to make good on this promise: start something.

After several months of ideating, team-building, researching, and networking, Savhera was born exactly one year after that initial encounter.  Named by one of the employees–a woman formerly stuck in Delhi’s brothels for decades–Savhera is a Hindi word meaning “new beginning.”

Savhera’s employees label and package our 100% certified organic essential oils.  Why essential oils?  1) they are deeply rooted in India’s ayurvedic healing traditions; 2) they have deep spiritual significance (e.g., annointing oils); 3) they cultivate an aromatic work environment for our employees; 4) they support a culture of wellness and self-care for our global community; and 5) they are environmentally sustainable.

Savhera is a values-driven company.  Everything we do is purposed to do good for humans and the earth.  Ours is a story of redemption.  We invite you into it. Together we can diffuse dignity and create many Savheras.  Because everyone deserves to experience new beginnings!