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Chapter 3

Moving forward with Pushpa

Despite all the gains that had been made, there was still one gaping hole in Savhera’s story. Pushpa–the bold woman who demanded a dignified life–had not been found. Savhera was moving ahead without the very person whose words spoke it into existence.

By January 2019, it became clear that there was a need for a Human Development Manager, someone who can walk with our employees through Savhera’s PIES Human Development Model. We found the perfect fit in Tamanna Khan, a woman who had spent the previous decade of her life doing outreach on GB Road and who knows all the women there by name!

Tamanna started her employment with Savhera in March 2019, the same month that Dr. Bouche was heading back to India with a delegation of students for a U.S. State Department conference. One of the students in the delegation had been on the study abroad and sat with Dr. Bouche in that room at the medical clinic on the day of the proclamation for dignified employment. Unbeknownst to Dr. Bouche, she had taken a picture of that woman. Tamanna took one glance at the picture and said, “Oh, that’s Pushpa!”

It took only one phone call between Tamanna and Pushpa. Tamanna said, “Do you remember when a blonde American came to the medical clinic?”

Pushpa responded, “Yes! Vanessa! I’ve been looking for her! She told me she would get me a job.”

Tamanna exclaimed, “Well she’s here, and she did get you a job! In fact, she started a company just for you.”

Just a few hours later, Tamanna and Usri facilitated a reunification of Dr. Bouche and Pushpa. Dr. Bouche remembers it as one of the most touching, memorable, and meaningful moments of her entire life.

The following week, Pushpa started her job with Savhera!