5 Reasons to Try our “Best of Savhera” Mini Kit

5 Reasons to Try our “Best of Savhera” Mini Kit

Our "Best Of Savhera" Top 12 Organic Essential Oils Mini Kit is the perfect opportunity to discover your favorite essential oils without investing unnecessary time and money. 

This kit includes 1ml bottles of 12 customer favorite oils: 6 blends and 6 singles. (Each one is organic, like all of our essential oils!) We curated our mini kit to help meet your daily wellness needs and stock your cabinets with natural home remedies. No matter what kinds of days lie ahead, this collection of essential oils can help you learn about the natural wellness solutions that work for you. 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside: 

Open Airways – our respiratory blend for better breathing 

Sonia's Shield – our immunity-boosting blend 

Just Ice – our tension relief blend for sore muscles 

Divine Dreams – our crowd-favorite sleep and relax blend  

Tracy's Grace – our calming zen blend for stress-relief 

Secret Zest – our good vibes happy blend for positive mood 

Lavender – an all-time favorite essential oil that calms the body and mind, and promotes deeper sleep. 

Peppermint – cooling, energizing, and tension-relieving. Some people use peppermint for headaches, nausea, or menstrual cramps. 

Orange – adds mood-boosting brightness to diffuser blends and is also antiseptic 

Eucalyptus – smells like a spa, clears your mind and respiratory system 

Lemon – deodorizing and perfect for DIY cleaning products or air freshening 

Tea Tree – a powerful healer that fights fungus and bacteria. 

5 Benefits of the Mini Kit: 

  1. Try 12 different essential oils for the price of about 2 full-sized bottles! 
  2. Stop guessing – the kit contains our best sellers! It’s called “the Best of Savhera” for a reason! 
  3. If there’s an oil that’s not for you, just give it away as a cute little gift! 
  4. 1ml bottles are perfectly travel-sized for experimenting on the go! 
  5. A great gift for someone who is just getting into essential oils or curious about trying them 

Ready to find your favorites?
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