Essential Oil Uses

two farmers care for organic plants in a greenhouse

Is Organic Better?

As you shop for the best products, you might be wondering if organic really is better.  It’s a great question, and you’re not alone in wondering how your money is best spent when it comes to organi...
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a woman in an athletic tank top raises her hands to the sky – she looks confident and happy.

Oils to Boost Confidence

Can essential oils boost confidence? Some people find that they can help achieve confidence and self-esteem. Have you ever found that anxiety or stress keeps you from being the confident person you...
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fresh-cut pink flower arrangement in a glass vase, set on a kitchen table.

How to Preserve Cut Flowers

Fresh-cut flowers are lovely, especially when you know how to preserve them! Imagine if your beautiful flower arrangements could last longer. No one likes throwing fresh flowers in the trash after ...
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someone's hand arranges a handmade reed diffuser

How to Make Reed Diffuser Oil

Learning how to make reed diffuser oil benefits your wallet, your health, and our planet. Whether you need a refill for your reed diffuser, or you want to make your own bamboo diffuser, the fragran...
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A woman in an orange sweater uses a digital tablet at a desk.

Essential Oil Roll-Ons for Back-to-School

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or a parent, back-to-school is a busy season! You might find yourself needing a little extra calm or a little extra energy – and thankfully, essential oils can ...
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a woman paints pottery

How to Boost Creativity with Essential Oils

Wondering how to boost your creativity? Whether you’re an artist at heart, want some motivation for a personal project, or need some inspiration for work, essential oils can help boost your creativ...
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a young woman smiles as she writes in her notebook. On her desk is a laptop computer and school supplies.

Back to School Wellness Gifts

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a student, or anyone who needs a little love during the back-to-school season, these wellness gifts are sure to brighten your day. There’s something for everyone...
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