3 Ways to Make Mental Wellness a Routine, Not Just a Resolution

3 Ways to Make Mental Wellness a Routine, Not Just a Resolution

We all know that making resolutions is one thing and keeping them is another! Sometimes it’s more effective to incorporate small changes into your day that add up to big transformations. Instead of setting an intimidating goal, why not take it a day at a time? Here are a few ideas for incorporating mental wellness into your daily routine. A lot of New Year’s Resolutions involve changing something physical. But mental wellness is an essential part of your holistic well-being. Mental wellness improvements don’t happen overnight, but there’s almost always something you can do each day to promote your holistic well-being

Remember, there’s no shame if you miss a day or have to make adjustments. Wellness journeys are unique to each individual and each season of our lives. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you always deserve to prioritize your wellness. You’re worth it! 


  • Drink an extra glass of water for your mind’s health. Hydration is often discussed as a way to improve your skin or lower your cravings, but hydration is way more important than that! Staying hydrated is essential to our body’s most basic physical functions, as well as our mental well-being. Did you know that hydration can improve sleep hygiene, and cognitive function, and even provide a positive mood boost? Waiting for food to cook, commuting, and watching TV are great times to add in some extra hydration. Or try leaving a full glass of water by your bed so that you see it first thing in the morning. You can add fresh mint or lemon slices to make your daily water intake a little more luxurious (and help with digestion!).


  • Add a mental wellness boost to your shower. Improving mood and energy can seem like a daunting goal. Where do you even start? Mental balance takes time, but progress can happen through small adjustments. For example, you can add an extra wellness component to your daily shower. It just takes a few minutes to add essential oils to your shower to promote mental clarity, energy, and stress relief


  • When your mind wanders…be grateful. If you struggle with distraction, you are definitely not alone. We are all surrounded by countless distractions that cause us stress and keep us busy in ways we might not intend. It might not be possible to remove all of your unwanted distractions, but you can take small steps to reclaim your mental wellness when distractions happen. Next time you are aware of distractions causing you to feel stressed or lose focus, try to ground yourself with gratitude. You don’t have to go out and buy a gratitude journal, you can just take a few minutes to think of something positive. Studies show that consciously practicing gratitude can help steer our minds in a more positive direction and promote a calmer headspace.
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