How Just Ice Fights Mental Fatigue

How Just Ice Fights Mental Fatigue

Our tension relief blend is ideal for soothing muscle soreness and muscle tension…and it also helps fight mental fatigue! Many of our customers keep Just Ice on hand for headaches, menstrual cramps, post-workout soreness, and aching feet, but did you know it is also energizing and uplifting when inhaled? 

Just Ice contains nothing but natural, certified organic ingredients. The 10 ml bottle contains 100% essential oils while our pre-diluted roll-on also contains organic MCT to make the essential oils safe to apply to your skin without diluting. 

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in Just Ice and how they help promote natural energy to fight mental fatigue. 

Organic eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is famous as a natural remedy for clearing coughs and congestion, but did you know it can also help clear your mind? Eucalyptus – one of the star players in Just Ice – is invigorating and rejuvenating to help stimulate your mind and boost your energy. Eucalyptus can help clear your airways, allowing more oxygen into your lungs. This can provide mental clarity and relieve brain fog! A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized cross-over study involving 32 healthy participants found that eucalyptus essential oil contributed to increased cognitive performance. 

Organic wintergreen – The main component of wintergreen essential oil is methyl salicylate which helps improve negative moods by reducing stress and increasing concentration and emotional balance. 

Organic rosemary – Valued in traditional medicine as a stimulant, rosemary essential oil is a natural solution to mental fatigue. Several studies have shown that rosemary contributes to improved focus and increased mental alertness. Rosemary is thought to work in aromatherapy by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking and concentration. Studies have shown that inhaling rosemary can positively impact cognitive performance. Rosemary also works to fight stress – a contributing factor to mental and physical fatigue. The flavonoids contained in rosemary contribute relaxing properties to your overall well-being. 

Organic peppermint – Peppermint essential oil is stimulating and motivating when inhaled through aromatherapy. Studies suggest that peppermint’s energizing and clarifying properties have benefits ranging from improving athletic performance to enhancing the mental clarity needed for daily tasks. Whatever your day holds, peppermint can provide a natural energy and concentration booster. 

Organic lavender – Lavender is perhaps most famous for its calming properties, so how would that help combat mental fatigue? Stress is a common contributor to mental fatigue. Soothing stress is an important part of regaining the mental energy needed for holistic well-being. While lavender is the last ingredient in Just Ice, it still plays an important part in combating mental fatigue and helping you feel your best. 

How to Combat Mental Fatigue with Just Ice 

If you’re dealing with mental fatigue, you’re not alone. Mental fatigue doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all cure, but natural botanicals can help support your mood, energy, and overall well-being. Here are a few ways to incorporate Just Ice into your daily routine to combat mental fatigue. 

  • Rub 2-3 drops of diluted Just Ice on the back of your neck. You can use any mild lotion or skin-friendly oil to dilute. Diluting essential oils helps prevent skin irritation. You can also use the Just Ice roll-on – which is prediluted for your convenience. 
  • Diffuse 5-10 drops in your diffuser. If you wake up groggy, try diffusing Just Ice first thing in the morning as you prepare for your day. Or you can set up your diffuser in your work space. 
  • Make a room spray. Spritz energizing aromas in your car, office, or around your home. You can also spritz your yoga mat, exercise equipment, clothes, and towels. Just add about 5-10 drops of Just Ice per 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Since essential oils and water don’t mix, you’ll need to shake well before each use. 
  • Use in the shower. Adding energizing essential oils to your morning shower is a great way to get a natural energy boost first thing. You can diffuse Just Ice in your bathroom, spritz into your shower, make a DIY shower steamer, dab a few drops onto shower walls, or even add 1-3 drops to your body wash. 
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