5 Summertime Uses for Oregano Essential Oil

5 Summertime Uses for Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano isn’t just for pizza and pasta. In its pure essential oil form, oregano has many topical uses and aromatherapeutic benefits. 

According to our aromatherapist, oregano essential oil is a “treat for the senses” and also packs some serious health benefits. 

“Oregano can be supportive in a number of ways. It has been shown to not only be antioxidant, but antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and pain relieving as well!” – Amanda May-Fitzgerald, Registered Aromatherapist 

Here are 5 ways to use oregano essential oil this summer: 

  1. All-natural insect repellent: Don’t want all the bugs joining you for your outdoor adventures? Oregano is an ideal non-toxic bug repellent. You can add oregano essential oil to a carrier oil and simply rub into your skin before going outside. While repelling insects, your skin will also stay moisturized! Or, diffuse oregano essential oil when you’re sitting by the pool or grilling out. Oregano is thought to be especially effective in repelling mosquitoes, making it a must-have essential oil for summer.  
  1. Cut and scrape treatment: Summer means more time outside, which means the added chance of cuts and scrapes. Because it contains the compounds thymol and carvacrol, oregano essential oil is thought to help protect minor wounds from bacterial infections and aid the healing process. You should always dilute oregano oil before applying directly onto skin.
  1. Skin treatment: Oregano has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Oregano essential oil is believed to help heal skin issues such as athlete’s foot, acne, canker sores, psoriasis, rosacea, ringworm, dandruff, and warts. Always dilute oregano essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba, olive oil, or sweet almond oil before applying to your skin. 
  1. Relief for respiratory problems: If you’re dealing with respiratory issues due to allergies, congestion, or a cold, oregano essential oil may help! Add 10-15 drops of oregano essential oil to your diffuser to help relieve sinus and chest congestion and other minor respiratory illnesses. 
  1. Non-toxic cleaner: Because it has antimicrobial and antiviral properties, oregano essential oil makes an easy all-natural surface cleaner that smells great! Simply add 10-15 drops of oregano essential oil to a 16-ounce spray bottle filled with water. Use as a natural, all-purpose cleaner that is free of chemicals and toxins. 

Because all of our essential oils are pure and USDA-certified organic, you can make sure that you’re always getting clean, non-toxic botanicals when you shop Savhera. Whether you’re diffusing essential oils or making a DIY recipe, you can breathe easy with wellness products that are good for people and the planet.

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