Allergy Symptoms: Get Relief with These 5 Essential Oils!

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Give yourself a break from allergy symptoms with these powerful essential oils! 


Did you know that lavender is a natural antihistamine? Lavender essential oil has the natural ability to calm and reduce inflammation. Some studies suggest that lavender can prevent the enlargement of mucus cells. 

Best ways to use lavender for allergies: Try using lavender in a diffuser for aromatherapy or dilute it in a carrier oil and add to a warm bath. Or apply lavender to skin if allergies are causing redness or itchiness. 


Eucalyptus essential oil is believed to help with congestion due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Eucalyptus is famous for its cooling sensation, which can help relieve allergy symptoms by soothing the sinuses and lungs. 

Best ways to use eucalyptus for allergies: 

Try diffusing eucalyptus or simply breathing it in from the bottle. You can make a DIY shower steamer with eucalyptus to help relieve your allergies before work in the morning. 

Tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil is also recognized as an anti-inflammatory essential oil and can help relieve congestion. Tea tree is believed to have antiseptic properties and can help eliminate pathogens that might cause allergies. So in addition to relieving allergy symptoms, tea tree oil may also work as an allergy defense. 

Best ways to use tea tree for allergies:

Since tea tree has a strong aroma that some people find unpleasant on its own, try adding tea tree to a blend of lavender and lemon for your diffuser. Remember that tea tree is toxic to humans and pets if swallowed. In fact, we don’t recommend ingesting any essential oils unless recommended by a professional physician. 


Peppermint essential oil is known to reduce inflammation and help open up clogged sinuses. Inhaling peppermint can help relieve congestion and soothe scratchy throats. 

Best ways to use peppermint for allergies:

Breathe easier with peppermint by diffusing it or applying it topically after it’s diluted with a carrier oil (peppermint can cause a burning sensation if applied to skin undiluted). 


Like lavender, lemon essential oil is another natural antihistamine. Lemon can help clear your sinuses and reduce congestion by reducing excess mucus. If allergies are making you feel sluggish, lemon oil can help boost your energy. 

Best ways to use lemon for allergies: Diffuse it! If you’re trying to boost your mood when allergies get you down, try a diffuser combination of lemon and peppermint.
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