Boost Your Immunity On-The-Go

Boost Your Immunity On-The-Go

Whether it’s “back to school” or “back to the office,” we need all the help we can get staying healthy right now during in the middle of COVID-19.

That’s why we developed our Sonia’s Shield Immunity Blend roll-on! This unique carefully curated essential oil blend is antibacterial, antiviral, and immunity-boosting!

On top of that, it has an earthy, spicy, uplifting aroma that is sure to provide a pick-me-up whether it's diffused in your house or added to the corner of your mask.

You can apply Sonia’s Shield with confidence and ease wherever you are. Just roll-on and relax, knowing that powerful essential oils are working for your wellbeing.

And as with all Savhera products, this blend does justice as it's promoting wellness. It is named for a brave survivor of trafficking in Delhi, India's brothel district, and every purchase you make is empowering our courageous employees.

Pre-diluted for your convenience, you can rest assured that every application will be properly diluted with organic MCT as a carrier oil.

Sonia’s Shield helps you stay healthy on the go, empowering you, your family, and women around the world!


Check out Sonia's Shield ingredients and all the benefits packed into this convenient roll-on bottle:

Organic clove bud essential oil is antibacterial. It can help relieve muscle pain and respiratory conditions, and combats yeast and fungus.

Organic cassia essential oil has antiviral properties and supports healthy immune function.

Organic rosemary essential oil helps your body fight bacteria. Rosemary essential oil is also a stress reliever...and who doesn't need that right now! 

Organic lemon essential oil contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Inhaling lemon essential oil can help relax muscles in the throat for better breathing, and provides a citrusy pick-me-up!

Organic eucalyptus essential oil can aid breathing and help minimize symptoms of the common cold or flu.

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