Diffuser Blends for Winter

Diffuser Blends for Winter

Whether your winter plans include hosting houseguests, a stressful work schedule, lots of tasks around your home, or all of the above, these winter diffuser blends can help you practice self-care. 

Winter Wake-Up Call 

This blend helps invigorate and motivate – especially if you’re having trouble feeling energized on dark winter mornings and short afternoons. Diffuse this first thing in the morning for help waking up (you can even prep your blend in your diffuser before bed and then just hit start while you’re still under the covers!) or throughout your work day for help finishing the afternoon strong. 

Pause and Reflect 

Sometimes we feel like snuggling up with a blanket because we need to slow down. This blend helps promote grounded self-awareness and helps calm stress in the body and mind. Cedarwood and frankincense are stress-relieving and grounding, while rosemary boosts focus and memory. 

Dinner Party 

If the sun sets too soon, why not make dinner time extra festive? This blend is perfect for that little extra boost you might need to stay present in the moment after a long day – whether you’re prepping dinner, hosting guests, chatting with friends, or cozying up for pizza and a movie. Orange is mood-boosting, peppermint is energizing, and frankincense is soothing to the senses. 

Savhera’s Winter Holiday Blends 

If festivity and coziness are two of your favorite winter vibes, we have the blends for you! Warm Memories is our holiday spice blend, crafted to invoke days snuggled up by the fire with cookies in the oven, a cup of hot tea nearby, and a good book in your hands. Tannenbaum Lights is our Christmas tree blend, created to inspire feelings of rambling through a pine forest with the crunch of leaves or snow under your feet. Both of these holiday blends were crafted by our partner aromatherapist who is a survivor of trafficking and now runs her own business! Sales from these blends directly support a survivor-run business! 

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