Essential Oils for Positivity + Best Times of the Day to Use Your Secret Zest Roll-On

Essential Oils for Positivity + Best Times of the Day to Use Your Secret Zest Roll-On

You’ve probably heard of essential oils for positivity, but which oils work best? And when? We simplified things by making a custom blend! Secret Zest is our organic essential oil blend that promotes happiness, positivity, and energy. 

Every essential oil blend we craft has a purpose, and we always create products with our customers’ needs in mind. 

Secret Zest is a blend designed to promote positivity, because we know how hard it can be to feel positive sometimes. And it helps you stay energized, because afternoon slumps are all too real. 

What makes Secret Zest work? 

Our positivity blend is packed with carefully chosen organic essential oils: organic orange, organic bergamot, organic ylang ylang, organic lemon, and organic geranium. Let’s take a look at the mood enhancing properties of each ingredient. 

Our roll-on version is diluted with organic MCT, so that you can apply without worrying about skin irritations. Besides being a great neutral carrier oil, MCT helps moisturize and nourish your skin. 

Orange - lifts mood, boosts workout performance, relaxes the body and mind, improves cognitive function. 

Bergamot – alleviates stress, lowers blood pressure. 

Ylang Ylang – reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, boosts mood. 

Lemon – relieves stress, helps you feel energized, improves mental alertness, lifts the spirits

Geranium – calms nerves, relieves stress. 

We made a roll-on version of Secret Zest that’s prediluted for safe and convenient application anytime, anywhere, because we think this blend is one secret to a better day. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Secret Zest throughout the day: 

  • Apply during meditation – helps you stay focused. 
  • Just before your commute – so you can stay energized and alert on the road. 
  • Just before a workout – studies have suggested that orange essential oil can boost exercise performance 
  • Right after stepping out of the shower – not only will this blend help you smell amazing, but it will also boost your mood so you can start your day right! 
  • When rain or gray weather is making you feel sleepy or unmotivated – sometimes we need a little sunshine in a bottle. 
  • When tackling a difficult task at work – studies suggest that orange can boost cognitive function 
  • Before a meeting that you’re not looking forward to – not only can these essential oils boost positivity, but can also help you stay productive and focused
  • When you’re feeling Zoom fatigue – orange and lemon oil can help improve cognitive performance. 
  • When doing household chores – especially when you don’t feel like doing them! 
  • During an afternoon slump – all-natural energy boost anyone? Yes please! 
  • When you feel the coffee starting to wear off – pick-me-up without the caffeine side effects! 
  • Before having a difficult conversation – aromatherapy can help calm stress and give you a more positive mood. 
  • Before heading out for social plans – Secret Zest is not only packed with wellness properties, but it’s also light and floral, making it a lovely personal fragrance that’s not too heavy. In fact, one of the ingredients in Secret Zest, ylang ylang, is used as a top note in Chanel No. 5. 

How will you use essential oils today to improve your mood and feel your best? Here’s to positivity and self-care! 

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