Falling in love with rosemary

Falling in love with rosemary

February is the month of love, and we couldn’t think of a better essential oil to highlight this entire month than rosemary.  We know, it may seem like an odd one, but rosemary’s power and dynamism is a reminder to us of the love we receive from our planet earth.  

The use of rosemary for all manner of ailments and celebrations goes back to antiquity.  It was used to bring back the presence of ancestors for weddings and funerals, and was often burned to ward off illness. It has even been said that it was the scent of rosemary that sheltered the Virgin Mary [1]. 

Contemporary research suggests that the ancients were onto something!  A vast body of research reveals that rosemary helps with all manner of issues, and it is touted as being one of the most widely used medicinal plants because of all of these benefits:

Rosemary is a strong intensity aroma that can best be described as woody, herbacious, and medicinal with top-middle notes.  Having a top-middle note means that it evaporates after about 2-3 hours, meaning you will no longer be able to smell it after that period of time.  While the intensity and aroma do not always lend it to being diffused by itself, it blends remarkably well with a variety of other oils, especially lavender, lemon, orange, and peppermint.  

We’re going to devote this entire month to telling you all about rosemary because we think you’ll grow to love it as much as it loves you!  AND, because this month is a rosemary love-fest, we are offering 15% off of our organic rosemary essential oil with code: ROSEMARY at checkout!  Stock up on it now and spread the love!

[1] Shaath, N. (2017). Healing Civilizations: A Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nutrients. Cameron & Company. Petaluma, CA. p. 245.


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