How to Boost Creativity with Essential Oils

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Wondering how to boost your creativity? Whether you’re an artist at heart, want some motivation for a personal project, or need some inspiration for work, essential oils can help boost your creativity. Essential oils can help increase your energy, calm your mind and body, improve focus and memory, enhance mood, and stimulate the senses – all important qualities for creative work. 

Keep reading to learn how to boost your creativity with essential oils! 

Which Oils Help Boost Creativity? 

Frankincense – Stress and distracting thoughts are some of the biggest creativity killers! Frankincense helps soothe your mind, keep you grounded, and allow you to focus on creative work. 

Eucalyptus – A very stimulating essential oil, eucalyptus helps clear the mind and allows you to focus better. Eucalyptus helps heighten your awareness and bring excitement to your senses. 

Rosemary – Rosemary helps to improve focus and memory, fight against brain fog, and help you find mental clarity. 

Lemon –  A natural mood-booster, lemon helps increase your motivation and inspire positivity when tackling your creative projects. 

Peppermint – If you’re feeling sluggish or sleepy when trying to work, peppermint is the perfect pick-me-up. Peppermint helps boost your energy and inspire that enthusiasm needed for creative projects. 

Lavender – Lavender can help you achieve a headspace helpful for creative projects. Lavender helps reduce stress in the mind and body, helping you clear your mind and be creative. But lavender can also make you feel sleepy, so don’t use lavender if you’re already struggling to stay awake! 

How to Use Essential Oils to Boost Creativity  

Diffusing and topical applications can both work for using essential oils to boost creativity. 

  • You can set up your diffuser in your workspace and add any combination of creativity-boosting oils. 

  • You can simply open a bottle of essential oil and inhale deeply. 

  • Topical applications work great and allow the wellness properties of essential oils to be absorbed into your bloodstream. You can apply oils to your pressure points, your forehead, the back of your neck, and your wrists for best results. Or just dab a little essential oil under your nose. It’s best to dilute essential oils before applying topically. You can use a mild carrier oil like shea butter or jojoba oil, or one of our pre-diluted roll-on bottles

  • You can also put a few drops of creativity-boosting essential oils on any piece of diffuser jewelry and take aromatherapy wherever your creativity leads you. 

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