Reuse and Upcycle Your Essential Oil Bottles

Reuse and Upcycle Your Essential Oil Bottles

Buying organic, sustainably-sourced essential oils is a planet-positive choice. These ideas for reusing and upcycling your essential oil bottles help you continue bringing wellness to yourself, your home, and your planet. 

14 Ways to Upcycle Your Essential Oil Bottles:

  1. Tiny vases! Display single-stem flowers or small water-growing plants. These make adorable centerpieces, table settings, and gifts! 
  2. Hold name cards for a dinner party or wedding reception. 
  3. Mix and store your own blends! 
  4. Store spices (the cobalt blue bottle is designed to protect from light and heat damage!) 
  5. Gift oil samples to your friends and family to try. 
  6. Infuse Epsom salts – place your empty oil bottles in a bag or bowl of Epsom salts and let sit overnight for delightful bath salts. 
  7. Use them as travel-sized containers for your carrier oils, shampoo, body wash, and other face and body products! 
  8. Use them to carry oil, vinegar, or hot sauce while camping (make sure they are thoroughly washed!)
  9. Remove caps and dropper lids and place empty or almost empty bottles (do NOT wash out!) inside sock drawers, closets, shoes, suitcases, your car, or anywhere else that needs some fresh air. The minimal leftover oil in the bottle is powerful enough to still provide a lovely aroma! 
  10. Fill bottles with baking soda and leave overnight or longer. The baking soda will soak up the oils and then you can sprinkle out the baking soda on any surface that needs deodorizing. Or leave the open bottles filled with the scented baking soda in your fridge or bathroom to deodorize. 
  11. Dilute oils to take skin-friendly oils wherever you go. Simply fill top your bottle with carrier oil when the bottle is almost empty. 
  12. Make mini diffusers! Fill your empty or almost empty bottles with Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oil and add a few bamboo skewers. 
  13. Store homemade cocktail bitters. 
  14. Split your most-used oils between several empty bottles so that you can easily access your favorite oil in your bedroom, office, purse, car, and anywhere else you might need your favorite oil! 

Helpful Hints for Reusing Your Essential Oil Bottles: 

  • Use tweezers to remove the dropper cap. 
  • To remove labels, fill a bowl with warm water and a little castile soap or a combination of dish soap and olive oil. Let the bottles soak for 5 minutes or more. Peel off labels. If any residue remains, scrub with a dish towel or steel wool. 

Because all of Savhera’s profits go towards empowering survivors of human trafficking, we say there’s a new beginning in every bottle. When you upcycle and reuse your essential oil bottles, you’re giving yet another meaning to that phrase! 

Have you tried any of these ideas? What are your favorite ways to give your essential oil bottles a new life? Let us know in the comments! 

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