A Holiday Essential Oil Blend for Renewal

A Holiday Essential Oil Blend for Renewal

Do you ever feel like the rush of the holidays makes it hard to stay grounded? We know the feeling. It's time for a holiday essential oil blend that celebrates the season while also bringing renewal. For this reason, Tannenbaum Lights is our holiday wellbeing blend. Our aromatherapist developed this blend to help you set your intentions and remember what’s important.

Our aromatherapist says about Tannenbaum Lights: “I blended this with a clear picture of walking through an evergreen forest and the feeling of renewal it brings to be out amongst the giants and the aroma only the forest can create. Trees breathe in our air, cleanse it and give it back to us renewed and revitalized.” 

We love this holiday essential oil blend because it takes the focus away from the stress. It helps us focus on gratitude instead.

“Putting lights on the Tannenbaum, a German term for fir tree, has been a winter solstice and Christmas tradition for centuries...let us remember our trees and the gifts they provide.” – Aromatherapist at Savhera and survivor of sex trafficking

Essential Oil Blend That Smells Festive And Brings Peace

This wintery blend doesn’t just smell cozy and comforting. It also provides the wellness benefits you need during the holiday season. The ingredients boost respiratory health and support the immune system. The botanicals help provide antibacterial and antiviral effects. 

Ingredients list:

Organic balsam fir, organic balsam fir bark, organic black spruce, organic jack pine, organic norway spruce, organic orange, organic cinnamon bark. 

As you enter into the holiday season, try diffusing Tannenbaum Lights in your home. As you breathe in renewal, breathe out revitalization. 

A Wellness Blend That Keeps On Renewing

For this crisp organic blend, the theme of renewal goes beyond the aromatherapeutic benefits. The aromatherapist who formulated Tannenbaum Lights is a survivor of human trafficking. This blend is infused with the power of healing botanicals and also with the power of human resilience. This blend helps you do good because every sale of Tannenbaum Lights directly supports a survivor-run business. This holiday season, get renewal for yourself and help bring it to others. That’s our kind of comfort and joy. 

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