The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and so is the 2022 Savhera gift guide! Whether the people on your list are health gurus or are just starting their self-care journey, we have gifts that promote holistic wellness for everyone. And don’t forget to pick up something for yourself! 

For the Life of the Party 

The Jubilee gift set includes the Secret Zest Happiness blend with a diffusing keychain (you pick the color) so that they never walk out the door without their signature fun vibes and positive energy. Our diffusing keychains are handcrafted by women who have survived trafficking so that you can remember their strength and resilience wherever you go. 

For the Yogi

Our Yogi Gift Set features our essential oil-infused yoga mat spray with our hand-sewn yoga strap and a zippered pouch. This strap can be used to carry your yoga mat AND to assist with stretches thanks to the loops on the end! The yoga straps are hand-sewn by the trafficking survivors on our team and help continue the restoration and recovery process for these amazing women. 

For the Person Who’s Hard to Shop For 

There’s at least one on every list! Why not give them an essential oil starter kit so that they can either try popular essential oils for the first time or stock up on must-haves for their collection? Also, gift cards are easy, convenient, and perfect for last-minute shopping! 

For the Creative or Academic 

Whether they’re working on their novel or their thesis, the gift of aromatherapy can help show your support and also support their work! Did you know that rosemary essential oil has been proven to promote focus and memory? Include our stone diffuser for an elegant and impressive gift that will enhance their creative progress. 

For the Person Who’s Always on the Go 

They’ve got places to be! And our essential oil roll-on set helps them take the benefits of aromatherapy with them wherever their busy schedules call them. With blends for relaxation, immunity, sleep, positivity, pain relief, and more, our rollerballs are prediluted for convenient and worry-free application on the go. 

For the Friend Who’s Always Flying 

The Jet-Setter gift set includes a book of meditations, 12 mini travel-sized essential oils that meet needs ranging from immune support to headaches to restful sleep, plus an organic cotton zippered pouch for easy packing so they can take wellness to the skies with them! 

For the Essential Oil Newbie 

Be the one to introduce them into the world of aromatherapy with our Best of Savhera set that includes 6 of our popular organic blends, plus a beautiful stone diffuser, and a zippered pouch lined with recycled sari fabric. 

For the Workaholic (or anyone who needs a break) 

Give them the gift of organic botanicals that help them relax and unplug. Our Divine Dreams blend helps promote deep, restful sleep. Cedarwood and Frankincense are stress-relieving and grounding. Eucalyptus and Lemongrass are soothing and perfect for bringing spa-like vibes into the home! 

For the Sleeping Beauty 

Whether they love their beauty rest or never seem to get their 8 hours in, your gift can point them in the right direction. The Divine Dreams sleep blend paired with the stone diffuser makes a dream-worthy gift!

For the Skincare Fanatic 

Frankincense is a luxurious essential oil known not only for its something and grounding aromatherapy properties but also its skincare benefits. Frankincense essential oil is thought to be cell-renewing and can reduce blemishes and enhance overall complexion and skin health. 

For the Seasonal Sneezer 

Show them that you care with a gift of better breathing. The Open Airways respiratory blend is available as a bottle for adding to a diffuser or diffusing jewelry, and it’s also available as a convenient roll-on

For the Chronic Yawner 

Also known as the snooze button smasher. For that person who is always saying that they’re tired, get them essential oils that provide natural energy. Peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and orange have energizing and motivational properties. To make it a gift worth waking up for, include our elegant stone diffuser so that they can benefit from energizing oils whenever they need them. With natural energy and stimulating botanicals, maybe five more minutes will finally seem like enough. 


For the Accessory-Inclined 

They might have jewelry to match every outfit but do they have jewelry that diffuses essential oils? Our diffusing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made with natural materials like clay or agate stone to diffuse essential oils while you wear them! Oh, and there are color choices and styles for everyone! 

Don’t forget to add a personalized gift note option at checkout if you’re sending a gift directly to someone. And save yourself a step with our gold and white Lotus gift box, a beautiful reminder of overcoming and self-worth. Happy shopping and happy gifting! 

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