Hope for the New Year

Hope for the New Year

Happy New Year! If researchers are correct, about 60% of us have made some type of resolution for the new year, but only 8% of us will actually follow-through. Eeek! Why is it that, despite the fact that we know based on past experience that we will probably not follow through on our resolutions, we continue to make them anyway? Maybe it's the desire we all have to continue to improve, grow, refine, and make things better. It's called HOPE, and without it, we perish!

Without hope, Pushpa would not have boldly advocated for herself: "I NEED DIGNIFIED EMPLOYMENT TO GET OUT OF THIS DIRTY BUSINESS!" Without hope, Savhera would not have been birthed and the lives of eight survivors of sex trafficking transformed! Hope is what propels us forward; it is the knowledge that, despite today's reality, something better is possible, even if it doesn't look probable.

Our hope for 2020 is big and audacious, just like Pushpa's when she spoke Savhera into existence. Our hope is to increase our impact 100% year over year. In 2020, we will scale our social mission and change the lives of at least eight more survivors in India and the U.S. through dignified employment.

But there are also a few things that won't change in 2020, and that is our steadfast commitment to our core values of dignity, integrity, and excellence. We will continue to aim for even greater transparency and environmental sustainability. We will continue to sell only the purest organic essential oils. We will keep working and honing the PIES model to ensure holistic wellness for our employees. And, importantly, we will never honor money more than mission. Ever.

Even if you're not part of the 8% who follows through on their resolutions this year, know that when you partner with Savhera, you have made a difference, and changing lives is better than a failed resolution! Never lose hope that this year, and the next, and the next hope remains. Hope is always alive, and it is what guarantees that there IS a brighter tomorrow, and it's available today! HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Savhera!!!

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