How Conscious Consumption can Change the World

How Conscious Consumption can Change the World

We buy things all the time, often without thinking about it beyond what it means for our wallet. We don’t often take the time to consider how our purchases impact the world. Your purposes have a purpose and you can make each purchase count by shopping ethically!

All over the world, many workers are exploited - whether by unfair wages, mistreatment, or by being trafficked/indentured servants. Conscious consumption allows you to be the change you want to see in the world by making an effort to purchase from companies that do not engage in these practices and whose money is guaranteed to go directly back to the workers. 

Why Conscious Consumption?

In addition to helping workers and the environment, there are many benefits to ethical shopping. The customer also benefits as ethical items are often better quality and last longer than fast fashion and mass market products. This means quality over quantity. When you consume consciously you are directly impacting the employees who made the product you are purchasing. 

Why Savhera is the Conscious Choice

One product that you definitely want to invest in is essential oils because you want to be sure they are USDA certified organic and good quality, but also because you want to know where and how it is sourced and by whom. Savhera releases all test results for every batch and we are transparent about how, by whom, and where our oils are sourced. Additionally, every purchase gives back directly to the women we employ. You can clearly see where your money is going every time you see the smiles on our employees’ faces or receive a thank you note from Ava, one of the survivors we employ in the United States.

Additionally, we care about you and your wellness of body and mind. Every bottle means new beginnings for survivors of sex trafficking, but it also means new beginnings for every customer. 

We have the power to make mindless consumption a conscious choice. You vote with your dollars, so make your vote count!

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