It's Make A Difference Day, and we're celebrating YOU

It's Make A Difference Day, and we're celebrating YOU

Make a Difference Day is one of the largest days of community service in the U.S. It is often celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October. There are countless ways to celebrate, because there are countless ways to impact your community for good! 

We love Make a Difference Day because it symbolizes what we strive to do every day. We love our jobs because we get to see what happens when conscious consumers choose to make the world a better place. 

Use Your Empowerment to Empower Others 

We’ve seen first hand what empowerment does. Many of our employees come from places of past trauma, exploitation, and abuse. Through dignified employment, they heal and grow. Savhera’s human development program empowers them with self-worth, self-knowledge, and self-confidence. These women are empowered to make a difference. They start impacting their communities for good. They promote positive change for others because they have experienced the power of positive change in their own lives. 

This all starts with you! 

You make a difference by choosing Savhera. Because every time you shop at Savhera, you’re directly empowering trafficking survivors. Through our business model, you help turn your purchases into jobs for women who were once exploited. And the positive impact doesn’t stop there! Because you’re making a difference, women who were once marginalized have the power to do the same.

Our employees are amazing. They are much more than survivors. As empowered women, they are instrumental in helping others thrive. They help solve community issues regarding sustainability, health, wellbeing, mentorship, and financial stability. They reclaim their potential to be difference makers. When you take the lead on making a difference, you empower others to continue the positive ripple effect. 

Let’s Make a Difference Together 

We know that for conscious consumers, every day is a chance to do good! That's why we invite you to celebrate by enhancing your daily wellness rituals with products that empower women around the world. We can’t do it without our customers. For that reason, we’re celebrating YOU this year on Make a Difference Day! 

Thank you! 

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