Meet Ava!

Meet Ava!

Ava is our amazing Fulfillment Coordinator and Sales Enthusiast and an integral part of the Savhera team. We recently sat down to ask her a few questions. We think you'll find her responses insightful!

How did you find Savhera?

Savhera is partnered with the non-profit organization Valiant Hearts that was providing me with services I needed.

Why has Savhera been so integral to your restoration?

Due to the trauma I have endured and the fact that this is my first job, the trauma-informed environment that Savhera creates has been key for me towards comfortably entering the workforce and prospering.

What's your favorite part of the work day?

My favorite part of the workday is doing a meditation every morning with the whole team. I also love to interact with and see the positive response that people have to Savhera’s social mission. It’s amazing to see how many people care about fighting human trafficking and creating dignified employment for survivors.

What is the best part of your job?

There are three things that I consider the best part of my job! First, going to markets and being able to share Savhera’s mission and then seeing how people care about it. Next, I love talking to wholesale partners who are diffusing dignity with us and spreading Savhera’s story around the country. Lastly, I love writing a personal note for every package that goes out, it gives it a personal touch and makes it feel extra special!

What do you think people need to know about sex trafficking?

I would like people to know that the media and many other portrayals of sex trafficking have made it seem like women (or men’s) bodies are literally being forcibly bound, though that sometimes is the case, it’s more often a binding of the mind.

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