Why Our Essential Oil Bottles are Blue and White

Why Our Essential Oil Bottles are Blue and White

As a social business and public benefit corporation, there’s a reason behind everything we do. And hint: it goes beyond profit. 

Savhera was founded to give dignified employment to women who have survived human trafficking. The revenue from every order we receive goes right into paying our survivor employees’ salaries and making sure they have the restoration services they need. 

Our name – which was ideated by one of our first survivor employees – means “new beginnings” in Hindi. Our logo represents the lotus flower and its ability to grow in unlikely circumstances. Is it any surprise that the bottles we chose to package our essential oils in also have profound significance? Of course, sustainability goals and quality commitments made glass bottles a no-brainer. But while many aromatherapy companies use amber glass bottles, we chose blue glass for our essential oil bottles. Why? Because the color blue represents water and cleansing. With dignified employment at Savhera, trafficking survivors can find healing in all aspects of life. Physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual healing are all incorporated into our team’s culture and practices. The goal is that no matter what others have done to them, the resilient women on our team can be empowered to flourish! Because that’s their birthright as human beings. Blue represents the washing away of social barriers, financial hurdles and debt, educational and professional roadblocks; and the healing of physical and mental health conditions caused by abuse and manipulation

Our white bottle caps represent a tabula rasa – a blank slate. Trafficking survivors have experienced severe abuse, trauma, pain, inequality, and dehumanization. But as these courageous women find freedom and healing, they have a world of possibilities ahead of them. They can pursue educational opportunities they were previously denied. They can experience physical and mental wellness instead of living in constant fear and abuse. They can work in dignified professional roles and receive fair salaries and benefits. They can take PTO for vacation, maternity leave, and sick days. They can live independently in safe, clean, beautiful homes instead of dirty, dangerous brothels. They can travel and navigate their cities with confidence. They can open bank accounts and start saving money instead of having their earnings stolen from them. They can cultivate hobbies and skills. They can pursue their dreams. They can become empowered members of their communities. They can help other survivors. Really, the sky's the limit. 

Every time you use Savhera products, you’re part of powerful changes taking place. That’s a lot of dignity and wellness in each small bottle! Thank you for being part of so many incredible new beginnings.

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