5 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

5 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

From toxin-free cleaning to catching up on sleep, lavender essential oil has a multitude of uses. Here are just five of our favorites! 

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  1. Ease headaches. There’s nothing like a migraine or muscle tension to throw off your day! Next time you feel a headache coming on, let lavender essential oil come to the rescue. You can ease headaches by diffusing lavender essential oil, inhaling it, or mixing it with a mild carrier oil and applying it to your forehead and pressure points.
  2. Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Whether you’re fighting stress, restlessness, or an anxiety disorder, lavender essential oil can help you calm down. The easiest way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender essential oil is to add 5-10 drops to your diffuser. Or you can add lavender essential oil to a warm bath for a spa-like experience. 
  3. Soothe irritated skin. Cold temperatures, harsh soaps and detergents, and health conditions can make skin itchy and dry. Add a few drops of lavender oil to a mild carrier product such as shea butter or jojoba oil and rub into your skin. Note: we don’t recommend applying lavender oil to broken skin or applying it undiluted to your body. 
  4. Improve sleep. Tired of counting sheep? An all-natural sleep aid is one of lavender essential oil’s many uses! Simply add 10 drops of lavender to your bedside diffuser and enjoy some well-earned rest. If you don’t have a diffuser, try inhaling lavender with deep breaths right before bed. 
  5. Freshen rugs and carpets. Lavender smells great and contains antibacterial properties, making it a great all-natural cleaner for your home! You can make your own carpet deodorizer by mixing 8-10 drops of organic lavender essential oil to each ½ cup of baking soda needed for the job. Sprinkle this mixture over your carpet or rugs and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb odors and fight bacteria. Then simply vacuum and enjoy your fresh carpets!

Why do we only sell USDA-certified organic essential oils? 

As a wellness company, we want the best for people and the planet. Committing to only selling USDA-certified organic essential oils helps us uphold our standards of excellence and dignity for all. Organic essential oils are better for people because they are free of additives and impurities and they ensure that you get the maximum wellness benefits from your purchases. Organic essential oils are better for the planet because they avoid the use of toxic chemicals and they help protect the soil. Protecting the places where our essential oil ingredients grow also helps protect the people and animals that live around them! 

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