All About Hydrosols

All About Hydrosols

Do you love essential oils but sometimes find them overpowering? There is a simple and fragrant solution to that: hydrosols! 

Hydrosols are produced by distilling botanicals such as fresh leaves, fruits, flowers and other plant materials along with essential oils. Because they are less concentrated, their aromas are softer and subtler. Hydrosols can contain both the water-soluble plant component and drops of essential oils. Here are some great uses for essential oil infused hydrosols and how you can make them yourself. 

Hydrosol Uses

Because hydrosols are more gentle and skin friendly, they have numerous uses in your skin care routine! 

Skin Toner

Are you tired of spending so much on skin toners? While essential oils on their own are too powerful to use on your face, you can dilute the most skin-friendly essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and tea tree - all of which are good for acne treatment and hydration - and spray some of the liquid onto a cotton pad and gently rub your face in a circular motion. 

Skin Creams and Lotions

You can also add diluted essential oils to your skin creams and lotions. Some great ones to add are lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and Just Ice for pain relief. 

Minor Wound and Abrasion Care

Hydrosols are also great for treating minor wounds like scrapes and scratches. 

DIY Hydrosol 

To make your own hydrosol, you will need: 

  • A large pot with lid
  • 1 large heat-safe bowl
  • 1 smaller heat-safe bowl
  • Ice
  • Water
  • A large freezer bag

 Your choice of essential oil. A few we recommend are:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemon
  • Frankincense 

You can combine one or more of these essential oils with a botanical such as rose petals. 

  1. Place the larger heat-safe bowl upside down in the center of the pot. 
  2. Place the smaller bowl right-side-up on top of the larger bowl. The smaller bowl collects the hydrosol water.  
  3. Arrange any botanicals around the sides, not in, the larger bowl. Fill the pot with water and add a few drops of essential oils to the water. The water should remain below the top of the larger bowl. 
  4. Place a lid on top of the pot upside down. 
  5. Fill the large freezer bag with ice. Make sure the bag is sealed then place it on top of the pot lid. 
  6. Bring the water to a boil then gently simmer for 30 minutes. 
  7. If the bag of ice melts, replace it. 
  8. Remove the pot from the heat.
  9. Remove the liquid.
  10. Gently lift the smaller bowl out. This bowl will now contain the hydrosol. 
  11. Pour the hydrosol water into a bottle or container. If you have a spare Savhera glass bottle, this is a great way to recycle them!  
  12. Store the hydrosol in a cool, dark area or in the refrigerator. 

With the simple DIY process, you can try several different essential oil hydrosol combinations and enjoy the rejuvenating effects wherever you go!

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