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Holiday DIY Gifts

Delight loved ones with personalized, wellness-boosting gifts made with our premium essential oils! Making handmade gifts is a great activity to do with your family around the holidays. Sugar Scru...
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DIY De-Stressing Mist, A Stress Free Recipe

Essential oils are renowned for their calming, stress-relieving abilities. Some people prefer lavender essential oil, while others like a blend of cedarwood and lemon. Whatever your desired oil, co...
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The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning 

Thanks to interest in sustainable and toxic-free lifestyles, the internet is full of recipes for all-natural, DIY cleaning products. From all-purpose sprays to grime fighters to bathroom cleaners, ...
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DIY Room Spray

Sometimes you just need to unwind. We often do something that engages our senses: read a book, binge Netflix, do yoga, bake cookies, etc.  But smell is an underrated sense that enhances all the oth...
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DIY Deodorant with Essential Oils

Many mainstream deodorants contain chemicals that are toxic and even linked to serious health issues. All-natural deodorants, on the other hand, are often expensive. Thankfully, it’s easy and affo...
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