Sustainable Bridesmaids Gifts

a diverse group of brides and bridesmaids gather for a wedding celebration

What better way to say thank you than with sustainable bridesmaids gifts that do good for people and the planet? Whether you want ready-to-gift options or want to DIY, these gift options promote wellness and purpose for anyone helping you celebrate your big day. 

DIY Sustainable Bridesmaids Gifts 

Whether you’re on a budget, love DIY projects, or just want to go the extra mile to show you care, these handmade bridesmaids gift ideas will be a hit! Express your gratitude to your wedding party with these DIY gifts that promote wellness and reduce waste! As a bonus, these DIY recipes make great gifts that your bridesmaids can use while at your wedding destination or while getting ready for the ceremony! Go all out and make a luxurious gift basket of handmade natural and sustainable wellness products! With these DIY sustainable bridesmaids gifts, you can even customize scents and ingredients for an extra thoughtful touch. 

  • DIY Lip Scrub – Great for getting ready for the ceremony, or any day of the year! 
  • DIY Room Spray – Make it extra dreamy by adding a cute tag that says “Love is in the air.” 
  • DIY Body Wash – Who doesn’t love adding natural wellness to their bath routine? 
  • DIY Facial Mist – Bring tranquility and luxury into your special time of getting ready with your bridesmaids. 
  • DIY Shampoo Bar – Perfect for bridesmaids who are flying to your wedding, these shampoo bars are easy to pack and pack a punch (of wellness!) 
  • DIY Perfume – Make a shared scent memory with a signature perfume or customize the scents for each of your bridesmaids. 
  • DIY Foot Cream – Perfect for sore feet after a night of dancing, this DIY recipe makes great wedding guest favors too! 
  • DIY Reed Diffusers – Also great wedding guest favors! And can double as decor for your big day. 

Ready-to-Go Sustainable Bridesmaids Gifts 

Don’t Have Time to DIY gifts for your wedding party? Here are some ready-to-gift ideas that promote holistic wellness and social justice – what better way to express your gratitude? 

Budget Gift Options: 

  • Pure Joy Gift SetSimple and sweet, this crowd-pleasing gift includes two organic roll-on essential oils and an organic cotton pouch perfect for storage or traveling. Our custom blends Tracy’s Grace and Secret Zest are formulated to help with calmness and positivity. 

  • Mid-Range Gift Options: 

  • Thrive Gift Set –  Stunning and sustainable! This gift set includes a natural agate stone bracelet and a full-sized bottle of organic essential oil, sure to bring smiles and wellness all around. The bracelet’s naturally porous agate stone has both beauty and function! Add a few drops of essential oil to the stone and it works as a mini diffuser to take aromatherapy on the go! 

  • Roll-On Gift SetThis gift is small but mighty! Our beautiful gold and white lotus gift box packed with five organic essential oil blends that help with wellness concerns ranging from immunity to better sleep to relieving muscle tension! 

  • Luxury Gift Options: 

  • Essential Oils Kit with DiffuserWow your wedding party with an elegant stone diffuser, six organic essential oil blends, and an organic cotton pouch handmade by trafficking survivors!  
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