How to Make Reed Diffuser Oil

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Learning how to make reed diffuser oil benefits your wallet, your health, and our planet. Whether you need a refill for your reed diffuser, or you want to make your own bamboo diffuser, the fragrant oil is the key component. Refill oils can be expensive, and often contain chemical fillers and toxic ingredients that aren’t good for you or the environment. With this DIY reed diffuser oil, you can refill your store-bought reed diffusers or fill up your homemade creation! 

What You Need to Make Reed Diffuser Oil: 

Hint: it’s only 2-3 ingredients! 

  • Essential oils of your choice – These are the stars of the show! Essential oils provide long-lasting fragrance, are all-natural, toxic-free, and can be customized based on your preferences! Essential oils are also highly concentrated, meaning that a little goes a long way. You only need 15-20 drops to make reed diffuser oil. See below for some suggested scent combinations. 

  • Mild, inexpensive carrier oil such as safflower oil – If you want the essential oils to stand out, the key is to make sure you use a fragrance-free carrier oil. Safflower oil tends to be inexpensive and has a very mild fragrance. However, if you like the smell of sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil, those could work well too! You also want to use an oil with a light, pleasing color if you’re using a transparent bottle! 

    • Add alcohol if desired – Alcohol isn’t required to make reed diffuser oil, but it can help thin out the oils to help them travel up the reeds and diffuse the fragrance more effectively. Don’t worry, any smell of alcohol will be covered by the essential oils! You can use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or cheap vodka. Add about 2 tablespoons of alcohol for every ¼ cup of carrier oil.  

    Additional Supplies Needed to Make Reed Diffuser Oil

    These supplies are only needed if you’re making your diffuser from scratch. If you already have a store bought reed diffuser, you can skip these supplies and just refill your diffuser. 

    • Upcycled glass or ceramic bottle – Use a small bottle or tiny vase with a narrow opening so that the oils won’t evaporate as quickly and your diffuser will last longer! You can use upcycled liquor or perfume bottles, small flower vases, cute specialty cooking oil bottles, glass soda bottles, thrift store pottery vases, or even reuse your essential oil bottles

  • Diffuser reeds or bamboo skewers – You can buy diffuser reeds at craft stores or online. Or you can use bamboo skewers found in the cooking aisle (or maybe even already in your kitchen!) Trim the reeds as needed to fit your bottle or vase. 

  • Directions: 

    Mix the carrier oil and alcohol (if using) in a measuring cup. Add the essential oils of your choice. Pour into your bottle or vase. Add the reeds and fan them out. If you want, decorate your vase or bottle with ribbon or twine and dried flowers. You can flip the reeds every few days to encourage a stronger, fresher scent. Refill your reed diffuser when you notice the oil getting low. Replace the reeds every month or so. 

    Note: it might take a few days for the reeds to fully absorb the oils. If your spaces aren’t instantly transformed with fragrance, be patient! Amazing smells are on the way! 

    Remember to keep your reed diffuser out of reach of young children and pets as essential oils can be harmful if ingested. 

    Which Essential Oils to Use to Make Reed Diffuser Oil? 

    This is entirely your choice! You can go with your favorite scents, or your preferred wellness benefits. Here are some crowd-pleasing favorite combos to get you started: 

    • Floral and Calming: Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon 

    • Uplifting and Clean: Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus 

    • Earthy and Grounding: Frankincense and Cedarwood 

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