How to Naturally Lower Cortisol with our Calming Blend

a bottle and roller of Tracy's Grace: Savhera's calming essential oil blend. Surrounded by fresh oranges, rosemary sprigs, and dried lavender.

If you’re looking to naturally lower cortisol, you’re not alone. The chaotic nature of our daily lives and troubling events in our world can make cortisol levels surge. Cortisol is something that occurs naturally in our body and helps with the fight or flight response important for survival. But too much of it can be very disruptive. It can cause you to lose sleep, experience mood swings and increased blood pressure, and many other unwanted effects. If you’re looking for a natural way to get your cortisol back to a healthy level, you’re in the right place! 

Studies show that certain essential oils can help naturally lower cortisol levels and many of the side effects that come with having too much cortisol in your body. Essential oils can lower blood pressure, help you get enough sleep and rest, balance your energy levels, and help you feel great. 

We created a custom calming blend called Tracy’s Grace. It’s a crowd favorite and often one of the first blends that customers fall in love with at our markets and shows. Tracy’s Grace is designed to calm and soothe, helping you naturally lower your cortisol levels. It has a citrusy, woodsy scent. Like all of our products, it's 100% organic, and only contains these pure essential oils to soothe the nervous system: 

  • Bright Organic Orange 
  • Calming Organic Lavandin
  • Grounding Organic Rosemary 

How to Use Tracy’s Grace to Lower Cortisol

Naturally lowering cortisol with essential oils is easy! Here are some crowd-favorite ways to use Tracy’s Grace: 

  • Diffuse it in your living space or workspace –  We love diffusing Tracy’s Grace as we tackle to-do lists, prep for the week, and complete tasks around the house. 


  • Massage it on – Dilute with a carrier oil and give yourself a self-care massage. One or two drops is enough to produce a calming aroma.  

  • Breathe it in – Just a drop or two will go a long way on our diffuser accessories such as jewelry and keychains. Pair Tracy's Grace with breathing exercises and meditation to help you stay healthy and grounded. 

Lower Cortisol On The Go! 

A little self-care a day can do a lot to keep the stress away! That's why we bottled up our calming blend in a convenient roll-on. It’s prediluted so you can apply topically as frequently as you want!  If stress seems to follow you around, take stress relief on the go! Take Tracy’s Grace with you out the door and incorporate wellness into your daily routine. 



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