How to Use Your Holiday Blends

How to Use Your Holiday Blends

Our holiday essential oil blends were developed by our partner aromatherapist who is a survivor of human trafficking. Her knowledge of aromatherapy plus her own personal story of healing and resilience make the blends Warm Memories and Tannenbaum Lights extra special. 

When you buy these holiday blends, you are directly supporting a survivor-run business. You are also contributing to the peace and coziness of your own home because these blends smell amazing. They are composed of 100% organic ingredients (like all of our essential oils!) and formulated with your wellness and joy in mind. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Warm Memories and Tannenbaum Lights

  • Spritz them onto your faux Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths. Our holiday blends are made with 100% real botanicals like pine, spruce, and fir – making it easy to achieve that crisp evergreen scent. Just add 10-20 drops of Warm Memories or Tannenbaum Lights per 2 ounces of distilled water and spritz away! 
  • DIY Projects. Are you making your own holiday gifts or party favors this year? Bring instant festivity to any essential oil DIY by using our holiday blends. For cozy vibes, use the spice-forward Warm Memories blend. For crisp, evergreen aromas, use Tannenbaum Lights.
  • Easy gifts that spread winter cheer. Hand them out to colleagues, employees, teachers, family, and friends for convenient, crowd-pleasing gifts that have many uses and benefits! 
  • Holiday room spray! Instant holiday vibes are a quick spritz away with this easy DIY room spray. Fill your home with comfort and joy by substituting 15 drops of Warm Memories or Tannenbaum Lights in this easy room spray recipe. Perfect for when you have holiday guests or family in town! 
  • Festive upgrade to an unscented candle. You can transform an unscented candle or tea light with a few drops of our holiday essential oil blends
  • Add to your AC/heat vent for holiday cheer that fills your whole home! Just drop or spritz onto the vents throughout your home. 
  • Spread the scents of the season by just adding a few drops to a pot of simmering water on the stove! 
  • Incorporate seasonal aromas and holiday cheer into your daily tasks by adding a few drops of a holiday essential oil blend to your vacuum cleaner brushes, an all-purpose cleaning spray, or your laundry detergent. Prepping for holiday guests just got easier! 
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