Tips for Journaling with Essential Oils

Tips for Journaling with Essential Oils

Journaling with essential oils can help you focus, relax, and have a more grounded experience. Aromatherapy is about way more than just pleasant aromas – essential oils can improve mood and enhance our daily activities. There are a few essential oils that stand out from the crowd in their journaling-enhancing capabilities. Keep reading for a peek into the science behind aromatherapy, some tips for journaling with essential oils, and which oils to use! 

Why Journaling is Important 

Journaling can help you productively reflect, process your thoughts, validate your feelings, practice gratitude, and stay grounded. There’s no one correct way to journal, and you don’t need to consider yourself a skilled writer to benefit from journaling. Journaling will look different for everyone! If you’re new to journaling, or it’s been a while since you last journaled, don’t be intimidated! Start somewhere. You can start by jotting down emotions you experience throughout the day or week. You can make a list of things you are currently grateful for. You can make a bulleted list of things that are on your mind, or things you are frustrated or anxious about. Sometimes, just writing something down can help you better appreciate it, validate it, or see it from a new perspective. 

What Oils Can Do to Enhance Journaling 

While there’s no right way to journal, there are many things that you can do to enhance your journaling practice. One of our favorite tips for journaling is to use essential oils! Essential oils can help you relax, reduce stress, calm racing thoughts, stay grounded, get energized when you’re feeling lethargic, focus, enhance memory, improve mood, promote positivity, and more. 

Tips for Using Essential Oils While Journaling 

  • Set the mood. Light a candle, clean your desk space, brew some tea, get into a comfortable position, apply some essential oils to your pressure points, or set up your diffuser

  • Plan (a few minutes) ahead: If you’re using essential oils while journaling, start diffusing them a few minutes before starting your journaling. This gives your body and mind time to positively react to the essential oils and helps you receive the full benefits of your aromatherapy. 

    • Be intentional. You can be more intentional about your journaling practice by how you treat your time and space. Create an atmosphere that helps you focus and reflect. Choose a space to journal that lends itself to focusing and reflecting. Save multitasking for later! Try dedicating a few minutes each day or week just for journaling. Using essential oils while journaling helps elevate the space you’re in and make the time feel luxurious and intentional. 
  • Minimize Distractions. Essential oils like rosemary can enhance your focus, but you can also decrease distractions by putting away your phone and other devices. If possible, try to go to a space where noise and interruptions are at a minimum. The more you can focus your attention on the moments you’ve set aside for journaling, the more you can benefit from the experience! If you have trouble focusing, essential oils like rosemary and frankincense can help! 

  • Which Oils to Use While Journaling 

    Every essential oil has its own superpowers! Here are a few of our favorite essential oils to use while journaling: 

    Rosemary – Several studies have shown that rosemary can help improve memory and focus. 

    Lavender – Lavender is calming, and perfect for soothing agitation or stress before journaling. 

    Frankincense – While helping you stay grounded, frankincense is also calming. We love diffusing frankincense during meditation or self-reflection. 

    Peppermint – Peppermint is energizing and helps to stimulate the senses. Diffuse peppermint when you want to feel more alert and less groggy. 

    Tracy’s Grace – Our very own calming blend is made with organic ingredients curated for physical relaxation and mental tranquility. 

    Lemon or OrangeBoth of these bright citrus essential oils are known for their abilities to boost mood and promote positivity

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