Essential Oil Testing- Why it’s important

Essential Oil Testing- Why it’s important

All of Savhera’s essential oils are 100% certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Additionally, all of our essential oils undergo GCMS testing before they are distributed and we post the test results for every batch on our website.

What is GCMS Testing?

GCMS testing is the “gold standard” in the testing analysis of essential oils. GCMS stands for Gas chromatography mass spectrometry, which is a technique that separates mixtures of organic compounds in order to determine the identity and concentration of each component. In the case of essential oils, this applies to the testing and analysis of each batch of oils to ensure the oil’s purity, quality, safety and therapeutic applications, as well as identify any contaminants that may be present in the product. The testing also determines the therapeutic applications of the oils or how the oils might affect a person’s body. This testing ensures that the product is safe for anyone to use as well as whether the supplier is credible. Essential oils from a specific producer or distillery must be assessed on a regular basis by a third-party laboratory that specializes in GCMS analysis.  

Savhera Testing

To ensure that you receive only the finest essential  oils, we made the PETALS promise. PETALS is an acronym for Plant, Extract, Test, Approve, Load and Ship. This is a promise that every step of the sourcing, testing and distribution process is ethical and organic to ensure both a quality product for you and a dignified work environment for our employees.

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