Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Life is stressful. Between work, world events, and our personal lives, there seems so little time to meditate on the things that matter, much less to take time for ourselves.

If these trying times are making you stressed, depressed, or anxious, take some time to take a deep breath and inhale these essential oils to relieve the tension weighing on your mind and body.

Soothing Essential Oils

Lavender: Few aromas are as soothing as lavender. This fan favorite essential oil calms the mind and relieves tension in the body so you can sleep soundly and live comfortably. It also improves mental wellbeing, helps alleviate pain and smells amazing in your home!

Frankincense: There’s a reason frankincense oil was one of the three gifts given in Bethlehem! This all-purpose essential oil is great for deep breathing with its rich, resonant scent, has numerous health benefits including relieving joint pain, and is perfect for meditation.

Lemongrass: Studies show that this pleasing essential oil can help people with high blood pressure and have a calming effect on the body and mind. It’s also great for headaches and making your home smell heavenly!

Tracy’s Grace Roll-On Blend: This pre-diluted roll-on blend is perfect for on-on-the-go! The combination of organic orange, organic lavandin, organic rosemary, and organic MCT will make you smell and feel divine!

Stress Relief with Savhera

At Savhera, we believe that constant, high stress levels are a deterrent from achieving our goals. That’s why we cultivate a culture of kindness and calm using essential oils both for wellness and activism. 

There are many ways you can use essential oils to relax, including having a spa day

Additionally, you can check out our Diffusing Dignity meditation book to make the most of your me time!

You can also rest easy knowing your purchase is helping women who have been liberated from sex trafficking and exploitation. That means you can treat yourself while empowering others through dignified employment!

Diffuse dignity with us today and help us create a new beginning in every bottle!

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