Everyday Heroes: Meet the Products Our Customers Use Daily

Stone diffuser with essential oil blends for everyday use that help with sleep, relaxation, and energy

Whether it’s staying energized or promoting good sleep, we create products with everyday wellness needs in mind. When a customer tells us that they use one of our products every day, we do a little happy dance. Our dream is to meet YOUR daily wellness needs while caring for our planet and promoting restorative justice for sex trafficking survivors. Because every day that you use our products is another day that the amazing women on our team are empowered with dignified employment and holistic wellness. 

See what our customers are saying about the products they use every day: 

Secret Zest Energizing Essential Oil Blend

Tracy’s Grace and Secret Zest

Two of our most beloved blends – available as both roll-ons and bottles. These custom blends were specially designed to promote the perfect daily doses of zen and positivity

“I use these every day! Love them both 💕”

 “I use Secret Zest and Tracy's Grace every day! Love them both!”


Sonia's Shield Immunity Boosting Essential Oil Blend with Orange, Clove, Cassia, and Eucalyptus

Sonia’s Shield

This spicy, earthy immunity blend is a fragrant and convenient way to boost your wellness every day! Available as a bottle or a roll-on

“I LOVE essential oils and really enjoy this one. I keep it in my purse with me and use it frequently.”

“I wear this every day, a cozy scent for the winter month and long lasting.”

“Love the scent, and I use it everyday.”

“Love the scent. Strong enough to last throughout the day and I've been using it daily.” 


Divine Dreams

It’s in the name. We crafted this custom sleep blend to make restless nights a thing of the past. Available bottled for your bedside diffuser or as a convenient roll-on.  

“I love divine dreams & put it every night on my wrist to help me sleep & miraculously it works… I am truly amazed!”

“The products are amazing! I can't imagine my life without the "divine dreams" oil at night – Una.”


Stone Ceramic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Stone Diffuser 

Aromatherapy and home decor in one? This minimalist, elegant diffuser gets it done in the name of dignity. 

“I think of the women who benefit from Savhera products every time I switch on my diffuser. I know I am doing good for myself and others every morning with Savhera” -Frank

Hartley Diffusing Bracelet 

We know that we can’t curl up by our diffuser all day, every day. So we made a stylish way for you to take aromatherapy on the go. Our diffusing bracelets were handcrafted by survivors of sex trafficking and are made from natural, sustainable druzy stones. Just add a few drops of essential oil to your bracelet as you head out the door! 

“I am obsessed with the druzy diffusing bracelet. What a unique and beautiful way to enjoy my aromatherapy every day.”


This comes as no surprise. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in the world. It helps promote tranquility…which is something we could all use a daily dose of! 

“My favorite everyday oil!”


Open Airways Essential Oil Roller for clearing sinuses and promoting deep breathing

Open Airways

Open Airways is our better breathing blend. Designed to promote respiratory health and open up the sinuses. Perfect for winter colds or just winter weather! 

“Love Open Airways! I put it on my pjs most nights before bed and breathe well all night long.”


Thanks for making wellness and justice part of your daily routines and rituals. Our mission wouldn’t happen without you!

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