Human Trafficking Survivors Benefit From Our Products. How?

Human Trafficking Survivors Benefit From Our Products. How?

"Our products empower human trafficking survivors." If you're familiar with Savhera, you've probably heard us say that quite a bit. But a lot of business talk about social causes. So how do you know if you're really making an impact?

People Are Our Bottom Line

You’ve probably seen of a lot of companies giving a percentage of their profit to a good cause. This can make a difference. However, we decided to take the idea of a business doing good to the next level. As a result, Savhera is not a traditional business model. We are a social enterprise. We are also a public benefit corporation. That means that doing good is our bottom line. 

We don't "give back" a percentage of our profit. Profit is the way we accomplish our mission. Profit is not our ultimate goal. In contrast, our ultimate goal is to benefit people and planet. Selling products is how we get there.

Your Purchases Provide Jobs to Sex Trafficking Survivors

Our mission is to give dignified employment to human trafficking survivors. Our sales revenue goes towards providing salaries and benefits to these women. 

Dignified employment empowers survivors in many ways. Firstly, it provides a way out of trafficking. Many women feel that escape from trafficking is hopeless. Because even if they could escape, they would have no where to go. They would not be able to get a job. They lack resources. Their traffickers have denied them education, professional training, financial security, and emotional and physical health. As a result, these women often don’t have the luxury to imagine a life beyond trafficking.

Savhera hires people that many employers would not consider. Trafficking survivors face employment barriers due to social stigma, lack of experience and education, and unjust criminal records. At Savhera, trafficking survivors can access the education, mentorship, and quality of life that they deserve. Their salaries are much higher than the living wage. Their benefits include paid time off, maternity leave, health and dental insurance, and trauma counseling. They enjoy paid time to work on their personal growth. They receive education in literacy, finance, health, civics, and more! 

All sales empower women who were once exploited. That’s what your purchases do! That’s what you make possible every time you shop at Savhera. 

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