World Teacher Day: because teachers change the world!

World Teacher Day: because teachers change the world!

World Teacher Day was established in 1994, to commemorate the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the status of teachers. This recommendation helped outline the rights and responsibilities of educators. World Teacher Day celebrates the impact that teachers have on students and society. 

This World Teacher Day, we want to celebrate Tamanna Khan. Tamanna is Savhera’s Vice President and Human Development Manager. She wears many hats, including that of a teacher. Implementing Savhera's PIES model of human flourishing, she teaches literacy classes, mathematics, and health classes to the women on our team who suffered sexual exploitation. Most women who are trafficked in India are denied access to formal education. Tamanna helps restore the dignity that these women deserve. Consequently, these women are equipped for their roles at Savhera and empowered to dream about future careers. Thanks to a teacher!

Tamanna has a Master’s in Social Work and over two decades experience working with marginalized women and girls in India. Before Savhera, she worked with sex trafficking victims for the Delhi Police and one of our partner orgs. Because of Tamanna’s expertise in trauma care, she can effectively mentor and instruct trauma survivors. She is instrumental in guiding Savhera’s efforts to be a trauma-informed workplace. Tamanna is all things wellness. Her favorite essential oil is lemongrass

Teachers Never Cease to Surprise Us

This year and last, teachers faced new challenges. They had to support and educate their students during a global pandemic. Their resilience and ability to adapt showed the world just how amazing teachers are. 

During the COVID crisis in India, lockdowns repeatedly forced our team to quarantine. Tamanna worked hard to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the entire team, including the 7 team members who are survivors of sex trafficking. Like all teachers during COVID, Tamanna had the difficult tasks of making sure her students stayed well while also preventing gaps in their learning process. Despite the circumstances, these women were able to continue both their formal education and personal healing at home. This was possible thanks to Tamanna's leadership and your continued support.

Teachers like Tamanna really do make the world go round. We couldn’t let World Teacher Day go by without a shout out! 

How to Celebrate World Teacher Day

Who are the special teachers in your life? Why not take this opportunity to celebrate them? Let them know how their hard work has paid off. Maybe even go the extra mile and send them a digital gift card to say thanks! 

To all the teachers out there, we just want to say thanks for making the world a better place! And to our customers, THANK YOU for supporting the education and empowerment of trafficking survivors. 

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