Meet Sonia’s Shield: Our Immunity-Boosting Blend!

Meet Sonia’s Shield: Our Immunity-Boosting Blend!

We are committed to wellness for all. That’s why we created a custom immunity blend that helps you stay well while also doing good for other people and the planet. 

All of our essential oils are USDA-certified organic. Organic essential oils are better for you, better for the earth, and better for the farming communities where they are sourced. Our oils also provide dignified employment. Each time you buy a wellness product from Savhera, you’re actively empowering sex trafficking survivors with holistic wellness and restorative justice. 

Ingredients for Immunity 

Sonia’s Shield is our organic immunity blend that helps you both proactively fight germs and ease symptoms. Take a look at the ingredients we carefully chose with your wellness in mind. 

  • Organic clove bud essential oil Clove bud is antibacterial. It can help relieve both muscle pain and respiratory complications. Clove essential oil kills yeast and fungus, so a little Sonia’s Shield is a great idea for anyone suffering from athlete’s foot. 

  • Organic cassia essential oil. Cassia is a type of cinnamon and is thought to fight against viral infections and support a healthy immune system. 

  • Organic rosemary essential oil. Rosemary helps your body fight bacteria. Rosemary essential oil is also a stress reliever and helps promote cognitive function! 

  • Organic lemon essential oil. Lemon doesn’t just have an uplifting scent but also contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Inhaling lemon essential oil helps relax muscles in the throat for better breathing. Lemon essential oil can also help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

  • Organic eucalyptus essential oil. Besides smelling like a spa treatment, eucalyptus essential oil helps open up the respiratory system and can relieve symptoms of the common cold or flu. 

How to Use Sonia’s Shield 

Sonia’s Shield is available as a bottle or a skin-friendly pre-diluted roll-on

We recommend adding 10 drops of Sonia’s Shield to your diffuser before traveling, while houseguests are over, or any time you’re feeling a little under the weather. Sonia’s Shield is great for diffusing in communal workspaces or in guest rooms to help keep everyone well. Add a few drops of Sonia’s Shield to your shower walls and let the hot steam diffuse the healing ingredients while you shower. Remember that the ingredients in Sonia’s Shield can be used proactively to boost immunity or after getting sick to ease symptoms. 

The Sonia’s Shield roll-on is great for keeping in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. The TSA-friendly size makes it perfect to bring in your carry-on to fight germs on flights. Or roll it onto the inside of your face mask for a wellness boost that smells amazing. 

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