Oils to Boost Confidence

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Can essential oils boost confidence? Some people find that they can help achieve confidence and self-esteem. Have you ever found that anxiety or stress keeps you from being the confident person you could be? You’re not alone! The good news is that some essential oils can help lower cortisol levels and help you feel calm and grounded. On the other hand, energizing oils like peppermint and orange help you attain the mental and physical energy needed to move towards higher self-esteem. 

Which Essential Oils Help Boost Confidence? 

These are a few of our favorite essential oils for confidence! 

Lavender – The calming, sedative aroma of lavender helps reduce anxiety, and encourages you to think clearly. 

Lemon – The bright aroma of lemon can help you release tension and boost your mood. It’s hard not to feel a whiff of positivity when you inhale lemon essential oil! 

OrangeOrange essential oil is a mood booster. Sometimes a mood enhancement is all you need to get into a more confident mindset. It’s energizing and helps reduce stress. Sometimes a little energy is the best way to get into a more confident headspace. 

CedarwoodCedarwood is great for a self-esteem boost and helps you stay grounded so that you can embrace self-confidence and self-worth. 

RosemaryRosemary helps you attain mental clarity, which is a great step towards being more confident. If you can turn off the internal noise and think clearly, confidence doesn’t feel as challenging. 

FrankincenseGrounding and calming, frankincense helps you slow down your thoughts so that you can recognize the self-confidence you deserve. 

PeppermintEnergizing and soothing, peppermint helps you feel more energized so that you can take on your day with confidence! 

How to Use Oils to Boost Confidence 

Incorporating confidence-boosting oils into your day is simple. You can diffuse confidence-boosting essential oils in your workspace and living space. You can apply oils topically during meditation or at any point throughout your day. You can also diffuse essential oils with a car diffuser to boost confidence during your commute. 

Next time you need a confidence boost, give the natural power of essential oils a try! 

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