Reduce Stress with our Calming Blend Tracy's Grace

Reduce Stress with our Calming Blend Tracy's Grace

Trying to reduce stress? Many people experience burnout, exhaustion, and mental health issues throughout the year. And while we can’t change your crazy to-do list, the situations or conversations that trigger trauma, or the relational tensions that might arise – we did create a special essential oil blend to reduce stress.

Our Tracy’s Grace blend is designed for all things calm. It has a citrusy, woodsy scent. It's 100% organic (like all of our products). And only contains pure essential oils that soothe the nervous system. 

  • Bright Organic Orange 
  • Calming Organic Lavandin
  • Grounding Organic Rosemary 

When life is complicated, our blends are simple. Just pure essential oils that help you find your zen in crazy times.

How to use Tracy’s Grace to reduce stress? 

Diffuse it while accomplishing tasks

We love diffusing it it as we tackle to-do lists, prep for the week, and complete tasks around the house. 

Massage it on 

Dilute with a carrier oil and give yourself a self-care massage. One or two drops is enough to produce a calming aroma.  

Breath it in

Breathe in while you practice quick moments of meditation or gratitude. Just a drop or two will go a long way on our diffuser accessories such as jewelry and keychains. If stress seems to follow you around, take stress-relief on the go! 

Self Care in a Bottle

A little self-care a day helps keep the holiday stress away! That's why we bottled up stress-relief in our calming blend. It's a way to help you bring peace back into the holiday season. Because we are a freedom business and a social impact brand, all of your purchases will also help bring peace into the lives of others too!

Pair Tracy's Grace with breathing exercises and meditation to help you stay healthy and grounded throughout the year. Here's to relaxing and refocusing and giving yourself a little more grace.

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