Renew Your Laundry Routine

Renew Your Laundry Routine

Your Wellness Routines Can Bring Wellness to the World! 

I think we’re all hoping for a little renewal in 2021...Okay, a lot! Even when the world is crazy, we can take little steps to make positive changes inside our homes. And with Savhera products, wellness in your home means wellness for people + planet! 

Laundry is something that affects our everyday lives. Sometimes it literally feels like the piles of laundry are never-ending! But even if we don’t do laundry every day, the way we do laundry impacts us every day. The way we wash our clothes affects the scents we smell and the ingredients that touch our skin as we work, sleep, and play. 

Essential oils are important ingredients to your wellness routines – including your laundry! Many essential oils have excellent deodorizing, antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and cleansing properties, making them the perfect addition to your laundry! 

How to use essential oils in you laundry

A teaspoon of organic tea tree essential oil added to your wash cycle prevents fungal and bacterial infections from soiled clothes. Organic orange or lemon oil can help remove dirt from clothes and add a mood boost to laundry day! 

Using essential oils in your laundry routine is a way to bring aromatherapy with you wherever you go! Our team loves adding a few drops of organic peppermint essential oil to our laundry loads for an energizing aroma. Just a few drops of organic eucalyptus essential oil in the wash cycle can make getting dressed or even folding clothes a spa-like experience. Who knew?!  

All of our essential oils are USDA certified organic – making them sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy alternatives to many traditional laundry products. This year, why not skip the chemicals and synthetic scents for a new way to do laundry! 
Savhera essential oils do more than just renew your wellness routines. When you buy Savhera, you’re helping bring renewal to women who have survived human trafficking. Renewal for trafficking survivors, renewal for you, and renewal for the planet. Those are some New Year’s resolutions we can get behind!

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